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Management Strategy

There are several factors in our investment decisions;

People, the Entrepreneurial Team.
Though an excellent track record is not necessary, we expect the entrepreneurial team to have the integrity, passion, commitment and capability to make a success out of the new company. People make the difference.

Technologies and Business Model.
The right technologies developed at the right time with the right business model will lead the way to excellence. We respect intellectual properties and prefer innovation and creative technologies. For the supply chains of every industry, we make sure the critical points are under our control. Itís may be a challenge, but without facing this challenge, there is no value to be had in the company.

Company Road Map.
We need to create a road map of the company by setting milestones with check lists for each point. It is important to know what decisions the company must make and when, but even before that, we have to know where we are.

Capability of Execution.
Be focused and make breakthroughs with priority. For a new start-up company, resources are always limited. Leveraging or building up alliances with partners will help to speed up the implementation process. Execution must to be solid at every move.

We welcome all creative entrepreneurs to share your dream with us: we can work together to convert the dream to an action plan.